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Artist Statement

As a Black Queer individual, my art is a reflection of complexities. It is an intuitive expression of my experiences, rooted in improvisational movement, spoken-word, and the rich traditions of the African oral tradition. From this, I extract an array of themes, each one a testament to the resilience of my community.


Through my art, I seek to resist the world that was not prepared for my authentic self. I craft alternate worlds and belief systems, built on the foundation of my imagination, that challenge the status quo and inspire change. My work is a radical form of communication, combining poetry and performance to create a unique and powerful voice.


As a Black Gay man, my exploration of race and sexual identity is an essential component of my artistic inquiry. It generates tension and urgency, enabling me to manipulate perception and lift the voices of marginalized people. Through my performances, I seek to restore our humanity, dignity, and confidence, suggesting alternative belief systems that are sustainable and empowering.


My art is an unapologetic expression of Black pride and joy. It is a response to the shamz of being made "other." Through my imagery and narratives, I replace negative rhetoric with positive messages that promote self-love and acceptance. My work is often described as in your face, as I center my voice and speak my truth with passion and conviction.


Through my art, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to my community and to the world. By sharing our stories in our own voices, we validate our existence and culture and encourage their evolution. Art is a powerful tool for social change, a way to promote understanding and empathy and challenge the systems of oppression that hold us back.


In creating my art, I find a profound sense of joy and liberation. I am inspired to inspire, to empower the next generation of artists and activists, and to encourage them to use their voices to create a better world. My art is a testament to the beauty and power of Black Queer culture, a living example of what is possible when we free ourselves from limiting beliefs and embrace our true selves.

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