Artist Statement 

My solo performance work is created through improvisational movement, spoken word and an intuition that comes from the African oral tradition. The work relies heavily on my life experiences from which I extract many characters and themes. Each performance is based in varying artistic inquires through which I explore specific ideas regarding form and style.


My process begins with resistance. The resistance of a world that was not prepared for me to express my authentic self. Through imagination I create world's and new belief systems, from which come a radical and poetic communication style that is performance art. My exploration of my race and sexual identity generates tension and urgency. Interacting with performance, as art, allows me to, manipulate perception. I use the stage as a platform that lifts the voice of marginalized peoples and returns their humanity, dignity and confidence. My work suggests and indicates alternative belief systems that are sustainable and empowering.


Both fear and my desire to enhance my community's sense of joy inspire my work. Much of my work has been developed as a response to shame around being made "other." I create imagery and narratives to replace the negative forms of rhetoric that have impacted my values. My work is often referred to as unapologetic. I ask myself: Who I would like to be. What do I believe needs to be said? The answers to these questions tells me whether I need to create a hero or honor a human being. It is my feeling that an artist who has lived through the issues that are being presented has higher value. When we witness people empowering themselves we have permission to do the same.


I find all my creations begin with the spoken word. It is language and its varying textures, rhythms and cadence that I am most attracted to. I enjoy finding ways to say something that feels closer to the truth than what I have heard before. The telling of our own stories in our own voices validates our existences and our culture. It is through art that this culture is encouraged to evolve.